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Re: New Member introductions

Subject: Re: New Member introductions
by Deagol on 2006/11/3 11:49:05

I have been reading Tolkien for 25 years and collecting 'seriously' for about 10 years. Obviously I enjoy exploring Middle-earth, so I usually have a book by or about Tolkien on the go most of the time.

I am also interested in the publishing history of the books and book production in general. I collect British editions of books by Tolkien as well as letters and and other obscure bits and pieces.

I am looking for a 1st Edition Hobbit and a copy of Songs for the Philologists at bargain prices - well you can hope can't you??!!!! More realistically I am looking for copies of The Oxford Magazine from the 1930s and a copy of Tolkien and the Spirit of the Age (1987, Tolkien Genootschap ‘Unquendor’) Any help would be appreciated.

For a more detailed profile go to tolkienlibrary.com
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