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Re: Quiet in here

Subject: Re: Quiet in here
by remy on 2008/6/29 15:14:47

Indeed, quiet everywhere. I have not bought much in the last month either. Seems to be a lack of rare/scarce/quality/interesting editions coming to market at the moment. Most of my purchases have just been New Books (mostly criticism). Though there are a few interesting new releases (and some more to come in the following months).

I suppose with the increase in the number of Tolkien Collectors over th e past number of years, it is inevitable that the scarcer editions will just become even more scarce as time goes on (and the books get placed permanently in collections).

Maybe if the Hobbit Movies become certain, it may encourage more books back onto the market.

In the current economic climate also, I suppose not too many seller's want to sell quality books into a poor market.

No idea what I am talking about really. Just speculating out of boredom.......
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