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Re: Harpercollins - Gold Ring on Chain???

Subject: Re: Harpercollins - Gold Ring on Chain???
by Urulöké on 2008/4/7 11:27:45

David Brawn at HarperCollins had some more information for me:

The ring was a promotional item produced for the film tie-in books. It was a competition prize for an overseas book retailer, I think in Canada, and only a few were produced. It may well have been 200, as you say, though my recollection is that it was a much smaller number. Unfortunately, I do not have a record of which retailer or how many, and we did not keep any copies - in fact, I don't think I ever saw the actual item. A lot of competition-based promotions took place, including winning flights to New Zealand, but none of the marketing team who worked on the promotions are still with us.

I appreciate that isn't very helpful, but it was such a busy time. Promotional items were never intended to be of long-term interest or any financial value.

Anyone from Canada remember seeing these? It would be interesting to track down any ephemera (articles, advertising materials, etc.) that actually mention the ring. If we can find out what retailer ran the promotion I can probably dig further.
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