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Summer collecting

Subject: Summer collecting
by Urulöké on 2008/9/25 14:54:54

Hi everyone,

as has been mentioned in a few other threads, it got quiet in here (and elsewhere) over the summer. It does seem to be picking up again (though of course I am assuming a lot of regulars are at Oxonmoot right now, so it may still be a quiet weekend.)

I wanted to post my "find of the summer" as far as Tolkien collecting goes, and hopefully get some stories out of you as well. Did you strike gold in a used bookstore somewhere? Finally get a hit from an AbeBooks want? See something on eBay for the first time in years?

Here's mine...

Through some creative google searching and a random stab in the dark, I managed to track down a Tolkien fan active in the late 1960's who wanted to get rid of a stack of fanzines. Just recently the box arrived, and I have had a great time digging through it - a complete run of "Middle Earthworm", some Amon Hens to fill some holes in my collection, the Tolkien Alliance version of "News From Bree", and a bunch of others - look for Guide updates over the next few months as I read and review most of the issues.
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