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Trade sword for History of Middle-Earth set.

Subject: Trade sword for History of Middle-Earth set.
by Eric the Red on 2009/1/21 10:49:08

I am new to collecting Tolkien so I basicly need everything.

What I do have though is swords, one of which I would let go for a complete set of new, or Virtually new, Hardback Histories of Middle-Earth, Volumes 1-12 with dustjacket (preferably, without is ok to but they must be in fantastic shape).

I currently have:

The Sword of Strider (United Cutlery, 420 case hardened stainless) and Scabbard

Herugrim - King Theoden's Sword (United Cutlery, 420 case hardened stainless)

Both of these movie swords are in the box with plaque and certificate of authenticity. I had them hung up on my wall at one time.

Also, I have a combat ready sword by Valiant Armoury.

It is the Hand and a Half sword a.k.a. Bastard sword, includes leather sheath. (I'll attach a picture of that if I can). It is forged and ground carbon steel. An actual fighting sword. I have hewn many a water laden milk jug in half with it so its not laser beam straight when you look down he spine but its fairly new and its sharp. I'll throw in a wall mounting plaque with this as well if you like.

So thats about it, let me know.
Feel free to forward this to any who might be interested.

Eric the Red
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