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Re: Trade sword for History of Middle-Earth set.

Subject: Re: Trade sword for History of Middle-Earth set.
by Peeta on 2012/5/12 15:05:12

Urulókë wrote:

For the, um, discriminating collector (another word occurred to me but this is a G rated site) the holy grail of the US HOME firsts are the Book of Lost Tales I copies that were printed in the UK - the first four thousand sets of sheets were imported. The other sheets were printed in the USA. There are surprisingly few of these in good shape floating around, as it seems that a large number were used as review copies or library copies, just based on anecdotal evidence and copies I have personally seen or handled.

Can someone explain how you would tell the difference of those printed in the UK? i can't find any information about this. The copy i have says "set in 11 on 12 point Imprint by Bedford Typesetters Ltd and printed in Great Britain by Mackays of Chatham". thanks