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Re: The wonders of eBay

Subject: Re: The wonders of eBay
by Trotter on 2009/2/18 22:22:20

"And with all the photo's, they still don't show the most important part of the copyright page ... Billing or Clowes?" - the top edge is blue - so I'd guess it's Billings. (The Clowes copies are unstained) Btw - Trotter - can I ask, what was the rare item you just bought?

It could be a Clowes copy as the first variant of the Clowes Edition is stained, but I expect it to be the much more common Billings, and I am also sure that he would have charged £700 for a perfect Clowes

The book that I just bought is the 1992 Unfinished Tales discussed in this post http://www.tolkienguide.com/modules/n ... php?topic_id=1043&forum=9
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