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Re: The Wonders of eBay

Subject: Re: The Wonders of eBay
by garm on 2012/5/5 4:02:01

The title also states it's one of only 1500 copies. Where do people get these numbers? Ok, we know where the numbers come from; but we also know they don't apply to this impression!

I saw a fourth edition TH (1978) for sale on ebay the other day - one of only 4,000 copies apparently.

In both of these cases, the number of copies is not known; but the vendors have added a number to their descriptions of their books in order to boost its apparent scarcity and also to give some idea that they know what they're talking about.

Maddening, ain't it.

*edit - I see this vendor's 1971 Hobbit is also one of 4,000 copies, too. Allegedly.
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