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Re: The Wonders of eBay

Subject: Re: The Wonders of eBay
by laurel on 2012/7/10 11:09:28

There is something very odd with this listing.

I know exactly where it is listed elsewhere and it is still for sale - ie appears ! NOT to be owned by the ebay seller above. I have noticed he has very carefullly changed his wording to say it is listed elsewhere and not for sale by him.
I asked for more photos - all sorts of exscuses and he then advised he couldnt send any- wonder why?

Why is this odd ? Because the other place has it for sale @ £1500.
So here is the scam - someone buys it from him- he pockets money and then buys it from other place for £1500 making a nice £1200!

I might be wrong but thats what i reckon.

Of course if this is the case one floor in plan - he wont sell it at £2700 - well i hope not !
Have reported to ebay

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