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Re: The Wonders of...

Subject: Re: The Wonders of...
by Trotter on 2013/1/30 14:13:09

Not a good listing if you want to know what you might be getting for £1000-£1450

"“Vol 1 VG The Book of Lost Tales - HarperCollins 1991Vol 2 VG The Book of Lost Tales Part II - HarperCollins 1991Vol 3 VG The Lays of Beleriand - HarperCollins 1991Vol 4 VG The Shaping of Middle Earth - HarperCollins 1991Vol 5 VG The Lost Road and Other Writings - HarperCollins 1991Vol 6 VG The Return of the Shadow - HarperCollins 1991Vol 7 VG The Treason of Isengard - HarperCollins 1991Vol 8 VG The War of the Ring - UnwinHyman 1991Vol 9 VG Sauron Defeated - HarperCollins 1992Vol 10 VG Morgoth's Ring - HarperCollins 1993Vol 11 VG/Inside front dust jacket price cut The War of the Jewels - HarperCollins - publisher date page missingVol 12 VG The Peoples of Middle Earth - HarperCollins 1996”"

Looks like two firsts War of the Jewels and Peoples of Middle-Earth

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tolkien-The ... ction&hash=item1e76db5e96

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