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Re: Folio Society Hobbit on eBay

Subject: Re: Folio Society Hobbit on eBay
by Elwë on 2010/3/31 15:29:51

I agree with Garm. I would call it buckram too. Buckram is sometimes referred to as 'buckram cloth.' It is, essentially, a cotton or linen cloth that can be treated with a substance (nitrocellulose) to fill in the gaps and stiffen it, giving it that '1976 Deluxe Hobbit' look. I believe that 'buckram' is still consistent with Hammond, as well, since it merely describes the specific type of cloth.

It is a little bit difficult, because the cover on the 1976 Hobbit really is not the typical cloth that you see on all the quarter-leather deluxe editions from 1991 through 2002. It has a much tougher and more durable feel, and is not really susceptible to the fraying and unravelling (like all of those 1990's deluxe editions). So, I can see why one might not want to simply call it cloth, but I think it is wrong to call it paper.

The Folio one is bound in paper, though .
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