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Re: Tolkien books for sale in UK on ebay

Subject: Re: Tolkien books for sale in UK on ebay
by Trotter on 2010/7/15 9:57:36

Wayne has already answered this point in The Descriptive Bibliography page 220

The first print order was for 100,000 copies. By the end of May 1977 booksellers' orders included 65,000 from overseas, and the print run was increased to 300,000. Later the order was raised to 325,000, and in September to 375,000. Several firms were commissioned to print the book, at one time four printers, working in blocks of 50,000 copies, to insure against a feared industrial action stopping production.

Each firm printed a different impression number in the book, (Clowes & Billings both printed first impressions). They were pretty much all printed at the same time, apart from William Clowes' printed copies which were in three distinct printings and two different impressions (first and second).

One mystery which has been discussed before on the forum is about the third impression. It does not appear to exist.
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