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Re: Tolkien books for sale in UK on ebay

Subject: Re: Tolkien books for sale in UK on ebay
by Khamûl on 2010/7/15 15:01:02

I think there a few odd points here. Clearly when GA&U inserted 4th impressions into the boxset, there were 2nd impressions available; because, as Wayne reminds us, 2nd impressions were so overproduced that when HarperCollins bought UH (who had bought GA&U) there were still copies available --which were covered with slightly downsized John Howe dj's (as Wayne states in Bibliography).

Interestingly, in the 4th impressions I've seen in this boxset, the Silmarillion jacket had been re-priced; (in this case to '£5.95') as you would expect of any Silmarillion of post-1977.

My question to Trotter, and particularly to Wayne & Christina, is: do your copies carry the original printed price? --or have they been re-priced?

My feeling is that when 4th impressions were inserted there would have been 2nd impressions to hand. But, conceivably, when 2nd impressions were inserted, the 4th impressions may have been exhausted.

One last (picky!) point to Trotter. The seperate Clowes 'printings' (as you call them) are states . And, the Unwin Brother 5th impression also had the intermediate GA&U-paper state (like Clowes); as well as the GA&U-cloth state, and the BCA copy. (Unrecorded, I'm sure for space reasons!, by Hammond...)

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