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Re: Alpingloin Ebay Auctions

Subject: Re: Alpingloin Ebay Auctions
by Elwë on 2010/12/20 8:57:48

Sorry to keep bumping this, but I have been forced to change my listings. I have had a few things listed with a "buy-it-now or best offer" format lately and have had two undesirable incidents in the past week alone. I had set the auctions to automatically accept best offers within 85% of the asking price and posted on the TCG forum that this was the case. Essentially, I wanted readers of this post to have 15% off my items. However, I had one person make an offer (which was accepted automatically, thus ending the auction), only to find out afterwards that his parents could not afford to pay for it. I had a second person claim to leave their ebay account open at a public library, and someone came along and purchased one of my items with their account. So in order to avoid having to relist items and file cases with ebay to be reimbursed final value fees, I have removed the "best offer" feature and am requiring immediate payment if someone chooses "buy-it-now." I do still want to extend the best offer feature to anyone on this forum. If anyone here is interested, either PM me or send a message through ebay and mention TCG. Thanks.
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