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Custom Cases for Tales of Gondolin & Ruins of Osgiliath

Subject: Custom Cases for Tales of Gondolin & Ruins of Osgiliath
by dunedain on 2011/3/18 6:04:53

Hello Fellow Tolkien Collectors,

I am getting ready to send my Tales of Gondolin and Ruins of Osgiliath down to my binder to have him make up a couple of new cases for them. Some of you may have seen these in the past, and they are really nice. I was curious if anyone else might be interested in having either a single case or a set of them made at the same time. I would be more than happy to pass along the cases at the binders charge plus a fee of $50. to help offsett the costs of shipping, dies, etc. Not trying to make any money, I just don't make these up very often and thought someone else might be interested. I will attach photo's to show what they look like. If anyone is interested, just drop me an email to info@tolkienbookshelf.com

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