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Re: 1954 U&A Hobbit

Subject: Re: 1954 U&A Hobbit
by Khamûl on 2011/8/3 3:32:05

It is, as Elwë says, all about condition. People are paying $150 (easily) on eBay for any decent (i.e. VG/VG or better) copies from the late 50's up to, and including, the 3rd edition (1st imp.). The earlier that date, the higher that price goes. Some people are paying these kind of figures for jacketless 1950's copies too --especially if they're close to that 1rst impression of the 2nd edition (i.e. the 1951, 5th impression).

As for this copy, it really does just depend on how trashed the book is, and how good that jacket looks. If you mean bookseller "fair" --then that isn't that good. But it depends whether you like the look of it. 1954 is pretty early. I think people would be pretty comfortably bidding up to $150 on eBay if the jacket looked presentable, and the book wasn't physically falling apart.

It's probably less a case of "is this price fair?" (it sounds pretty fair) --but whether you'll be happy with this on your shelf. You can always trade up later....

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