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Re: Hatchards Leather Quarter bound Hobbit (No Reserve)

Subject: Re: Hatchards Leather Quarter bound Hobbit (No Reserve)
by Stu on 2011/10/3 15:08:53

>the_merp_shop doesn't usually do auctions --so this is unusual. Check out the other listings, & prices! Trying to lure us in...

They also auctioned the three volume Super-Deluxe LoTR a month or so back. I think it went for somewhere in the 500s (but can't remember for sure). Maybe they are running out of cash. I've always thought the MERP shop listings on eBay to be outrageously expensive.

Will be interesting to see how much this Hobbit goes for. The last couple of eBay sales seem to have been a little under GBP 300 and a little over GBP 300, so I am guessing that will be the ball park. Current dealer asking prices seem to vary from 375 (Thorntons) to about 500 (David Miller), with several of copies available, but no signs of any selling.