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Re: Hatchards Leather Quarter bound Hobbit (No Reserve)

Subject: Re: Hatchards Leather Quarter bound Hobbit (No Reserve)
by laurel on 2011/10/14 7:30:24

I think the whole market (bar top end) has taken a decline recently vs. I would normally expect Tolkien books to at least hold their value.

As discussed before ebay is an odd sales vehicle at times but overall like other sales vehicles it is open to simple rule of supply and demand. If there is only say 1-2 Hobbit AH books for sale pa then the price will increase. If more prices will decrease.

This is why i believe these prices will decrease. During my time collecting i have noticed 15-20 years after release more books come onto the market and the prices drop albeit maybe only for a short period but they do decrease.

Other factors such as a well known film coming out soon will increase value but only for a short time 3-4 years maybe ?

The question in my mind is wait or not to wait and this is of course dependent on us mad collectors and the desire to own that Tolkein book.

For me it is more the thrill of the chse as well. Yes I could raid my piggy bank and buy the AL Hobbit for £4-450 i am sure but imagine if i can get/find a copy or £250!

What was orignal price of this book, anyone know ?
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