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Re: Elwe ebay auctions

Subject: Re: Elwe ebay auctions
by Elwë on 2013/2/24 10:39:02

Yeah, I suppose it can go in 'wonders.' I am also baffled at the price this book commands, but I originally purchased it as an investment, and as of now, I'm still losing money! So I suppose I can't comment too much on what one should pay for this book! As for my copy, this is the only one I have ever had. I tried to sell it once before, but that sale fell through, so I held onto it until now.

Taking good photos is extremely important. As far as auctions go, I always have had the best luck starting it at a low price with no reserve. I think starting things very high is a big turn off to many people. I try to provide a lot of photos and then let the (eBay) market dictate the price.

Thanks for all the interest from TCG!

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