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Re: Elwe ebay auctions

Subject: Re: Elwe ebay auctions
by Elwë on 2013/2/19 6:42:22


Thanks for the reply. I typically would not draw attention to something like the pressed "202" on the back board because I believe it is a publishers mark and not a condition point. However, I thought it was an interesting bibliographical bit and was hoping to get a little more information about it. Does anyone else's copy have that mark?

Also, I wanted to mention that I know there may be a need for more images, especially on the 1938 Hobbit. I'm not sure how to embed images in my auction description, so I was stuck with the 12 allowed by ebay. I chose to show more images that depict condition, rather than bibliographical points. My estimation was that anyone bidding on the book would know what it was just by the title page. That said, I am happy to provide any requested images to interested buyer via email. Just PM me and we'll go from there. Thanks!
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