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Last-minute Tolkien Gifts [& Christmas Greetings!]

Subject: Last-minute Tolkien Gifts [& Christmas Greetings!]
by Findegil on 2011/12/18 16:18:03

While following a wholly unrelated line of search to etsy.com, I came across what seemed at first glance to be a gift for the Tolkien collector who has everything: a wall clock made from one of the vinyl soundtrack discs from the Bakshi Lord of the Rings. Though, on second thought, it gives me pause that someone has "recycled" what appears to be a perfectly good LP (there are many such clocks to be had on Etsy).

But wait! What about this miniature doll made in Tolkien's image?

Or a snazzy Legolas hoodie?

Or a T-shirt with the warning: Don't Piss Off the Ents?

One could do without the many bits and pieces with the legend "Not All Who Wander Are Lost". And there are enough items adapting trademarked or copyrighted sources to keep lawyers busy into the new year.

Now, if I were a kid again, I would definitely want one of the Tolkien-inspired cloaks, like this one, or a seriously cool set of strap-on dragon wings.

Happy holidays from Christina and me!

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