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Re: Value of artwork

Subject: Re: Value of artwork
by laurel on 2012/2/8 9:05:11

Hello something original
James Cauty is one of my favourite artists and I have a few versions of this poster. The copy highlighted above was as it says the orignal artwork and i am sure the subject went through many proceses to get to its final state so it is posslble numerous variations were tried pre final one. Indeed I have various 'slight' variation prints myself and seem to recall one with a diamond on it but cant check as all my items in storage at moment.

Can you post a picture whcih may help jog my memory of difference and the signature.

Re value the main factor will be based on :is it an original drawing or a very good print? Some of the latter are nowadays very very good and it takes some looking at to be sure. The fact yours has a glossy finish would suggest not an original but with no photo or sight of it it is difficult to be sure sometimes Hope helps