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Re: Folio Society Hobbit

Subject: Re: Folio Society Hobbit
by Stu on 2012/3/5 1:48:35

cumbrian dwarf wrote:
i was the one that ended up getting this book, so i will let you know if it is a lighter shade or as i suspect just the lighting effect that is from the flash on the camera. The photo of this book on Tolkien books looks very much the same as well.

I bought a copy of the lord of the rings 1997 deluxe Indian paper edition with the quarter leather, which on the photo appeared to be brown, but as we know is black. I was a little anxious but the ebayer assured me it was just the flash and luckily for me it was, so i am hoping the same will happen this time.

This book looked a bit tatty - what is the general consensus on the final price on this one. I wouldn't mind buying a copy, but this one seemed a bit expensive for the condition (or am I off base)?