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Re: Interesting eBay Auctions

Subject: Re: Interesting eBay Auctions
by Stu on 2013/7/17 17:10:36

Trotter wrote:

Morgan wrote:
I should say that I only asked if the seller could change to international shipping. S/he then suggested to change to a fixed price, which I agreed upon -- the auction had no bids by then, IIRC. Strangely enough, the seller didn't relist the auction until some days later, when a bid had been placed. I thought it was kind of odd -- but what to do? Sorry for stepping on your toes, Trotter: it wasn't my intention!

You did nothing wrong, well done on getting the item

If it is any consolation, Trotter, I only paid GBP 2.40 for my copy with Dust Jacket, and there were no other bidders. I expect another copy will be along soon enough :)
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