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Re: Interesting eBay Auctions

Subject: Re: Interesting eBay Auctions
by Khamûl on 2012/7/26 6:51:57

I'm slightly confused...

eBay automated messaging came up that this item had been relisted, in my account i.e. this specific item. I just assumed the same seller had relisted (I always assume this when this messaging comes up), because someone hadn't paid up, or for some other reason, etc. But this is the winner of the first auction relisting (or just "listing" if you like) the same item (--for reasons clearly understood; I'm not questioning this aspect.)

Maybe people with experience selling on eBay can answer this --does eBay give you an option to "re-sell" an item you've just bought? i.e. establish a link between the previous auction (by a different seller) & your (new) auction, for the same item? --thus generating messages like the one that appeared (& regularly appear) in my account. I would, personally, have thought the link would be an undesirable one, as the financial aspects (of one's whole "business") become transparent to everyone involved i.e. we all know what the seller originally bought it for.

Am I missing something really obvious here? The main reason I ask, other than out of interest, is that usually when this happens I don't note the original sale (if I was watching it for the purpose of noting current prices) as I always thought (without checking) that this was just a re-list (by the same seller) due to the failure of the original sale; therefore the original auction wasn't concluded, and wasn't worth noting. Clearly I was in error in this respect...

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