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Re: A Spring Harvest

Subject: Re: A Spring Harvest
by Urulöké on 2012/4/18 15:03:53

I tried to get this too as soon as I got the notification (obviously, no dice). My curiosity on how and when we were all notified is now piqued (I have had theories, but too little data to test). For those who have wants on ABE for this particular book, if you are willing can you forward me your email notification from ABE? I am interested in the ID assigned your want, how you defined your want, and the timestamps for creating and posting the want. Feel free to delete any other personal information, other wants, etc. I am not sure if the want ID number could be used by a third party somehow, so I don't suggest posting that on the forum (and I promise to delete it myself after I concatenate and share any patterns seen).

I am wondering if when the want is created, or how it was created (title? author? both? more complex match?) affects when the emails go out. Mine was timestamped 7:33 PM (or 10:30 PM Findegil's time, so 4 and a half hours after his email was sent, two hours after he received it).

A four-plus hour advantage seems like something worthy of understanding and leveraging for these ultra-uncommon titles...
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