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Re: Tolkien letter in Berlin auction

Subject: Re: Tolkien letter in Berlin auction
by SonOfDolf on 2012/6/1 15:01:29

Since my German is not that good: even though the lot description says "Ein Brief mit fünfzeiliger e. Nachschrif", does not the sale actually include three letters (1 März, 16 März, 7 Dezember)?

Not that my German is that good, but I think the lot description translates as follows:

3 Br. m. U. „J.R.R. Tolkien“. Oxford 1. und 16.III. sowie 7.XII.1967. 3 S. kl.-4o. . Ein Brief mit fünfzeiliger e. Nachschrift. Auf seinem Briefpapier. Gelocht.

3 letters signed "J.R.R. Tolkien". Oxford 1 and 16 March as well as 7 December 1967. ["3 S. kl. -4o" ??]. One letter has a 5 line postscriptum on his [Tolkien's] brief paper. Perforated.

[I'm assuming all three letters are typed except for the postscriptum of the third letter]
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