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Re: [WANTED]: 1998 deluxe signed ed. of the Silmarillion

Subject: Re: [WANTED]: 1998 deluxe signed ed. of the Silmarillion
by Stu on 2012/8/14 2:35:36

The GBP 595 copy was me, and was a "what the hell" purchase as it was my 40th birthday (and my mum was stumping up just shy of half :))

That was for a flawless copy, mind. They don't seem to turn up very often and when they do GBP 500+ seems to be the going rate.

Very nice book, but I couldn't remotely justify the price by any logical means. Now and then, I just buy something because I want to (despite knowing it is daft). This would be one of those purchases.


Edit: I personally believe that global economic conditions will push the value of non-essential items like this steadily down over time. If you care about future value (and I don't), then IMHO you should not buy - Tolkien stuff in general is in a bubble. I won't even touch signed JRRT stuff because the prices are so daft and are effectively being manipulated by a small number of dealers that control the bulk of the stock.
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