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Re: [WANTED]: 1998 deluxe signed ed. of the Silmarillion

Subject: Re: [WANTED]: 1998 deluxe signed ed. of the Silmarillion
by archridge on 2013/1/14 9:21:18

Hi Folks

I bought my copy brand new in 2002 from an independent bookstore on the Isle of Wight. It was priced at £100 but I haggled the retailer down to £80. I've been tracking the price of this book for the last couple of years and prices have ranged from £500-£1,000. As to what it is worth - as much as people are willing to pay for it, and with most copies now in private collections the price will continue to creep up. It is a beautiful book and I have no desire to sell it. Nevertheless expect the price to go through the roof if a tv series ever gets put together or (and please excuse me for being morbid) when Christopher Tolkien inevitably passes away...
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