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Enquiry as to the possible value of The Hobbit book, possibly 1946/47

Subject: Enquiry as to the possible value of The Hobbit book, possibly 1946/47
by ChrisH on 2013/2/2 8:31:49

Hi Everyone,

My wife has a copy of The Hobbit , without a dustjacket, and from the relevant page, the age would seem to be post 1946. It has 'First Published 1937', then 'Second Impression 1937', 'Reprinted 1942', and finally 'Reprinted 1946'.
The book looks in reasonably good condition, with the usual age related discolouring of at least some of the pages.
Inside the front and rear covers the maps are mainly black and white, with some red ink wording.
There is one colour plate opposite the title page of 'The Hill:Hobbiton-across-the Water'. All the other plates are black and white.

She has asked me to try and find out what it might be worth, as she is considering selling it and would like to know what a reasonable reserve price might be for auction purposes.

Anybody have any ideas? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

I can take some photos if it would help.