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Re: Ebay: Global Postage Programme

Subject: Re: Ebay: Global Postage Programme
by Khamûl on 2013/4/5 7:24:44

Sorry, that doesn't really explain why eBay are levying fees as a percentage of auction price. The ABAA & other book groups have, at various times, used methods of bulk posting before; this isn't new. However this was to save money & to provide competitive prices for bulky books, etc. This scheme, although in principal the same, entirely negates any cost saving by levying these charges dependent on the price paid at the proverbial hammer.

As you say, USPS already have facility for tracking & signatures for international posting --but it certainly won't cost this much. If you bought/won an auction for $200 you'd be paying (going by the auction I cited) $70+ in "Import charges" as well as postage!! Utter, utter nonsense. Who the hell is going to pay this?

There is also the problem of this not being disclosed by the seller in the listing. I think sellers are going to find people simply not paying up at the end of the transaction. I can see no advantage to this system for the buyer or the seller, therefore I question why anyone would use it.

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