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Re: Ebay: Global Postage Programme

Subject: Re: Ebay: Global Postage Programme
by Urulöké on 2013/4/5 10:59:51

Question for those in GB: has anyone actually completed a transaction and received an item using this service?

It seems to me, from the outside, that the "Import charges" could be a charge from the UK government, based on the value of the item being imported. When individuals ship to the UK, likely this import tax does not get reported or collected regularly or correctly, but with a professional shipping service, they likely have to have an agreement with the UK govt in place to rigorously collect every penny due.

I know that when I have shipped expensive books to the UK, the receiver sometimes has to pay the import tax before they can receive the package. I have no idea how often this has happened as usually I am not told.
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