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Re: WANTED: US/HM 1998 Silmarillion Hb (Nasmith)

Subject: Re: WANTED: US/HM 1998 Silmarillion Hb (Nasmith)
by Urulöké on 2013/5/1 14:12:09

Postage: I agree with Khamûl, a book this heavy will be $25+ to ship to the UK. I really miss the surface shipping option, which apparently is no longer available through any shipping service (that I can find). Airmail only.

Book: It is a nice book. I have a copy (two actually, one US and one UK) but they are not for sale, Ted made a nice full page sketch in each for me so these will never leave my hands!

UK availability: did you try Amazon third party sellers? Quite a few copies there (shipped from USA) and Amazon caps the shipping they can charge to under £3.

http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Silmarill ... r=8-1&keywords=0395939461
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