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Re: WANTED: US/HM 1998 Silmarillion Hb (Nasmith)

Subject: Re: WANTED: US/HM 1998 Silmarillion Hb (Nasmith)
by Urulöké on 2013/5/1 14:27:03

One additional note on shipping from the US internationally - there is an Airmail M-bag option for a large shipment of printed matter to one address. From the US to the UK it is $4 per pound, 11 pound minimum (so $44 minimum). Limit 20kg (44 lb) max.

So if you want to put together a large order of books from one seller, shipping can average out to be quite cheap. The seller has to be willing to do the M-bag option (which requires going in to the post office and filling out forms and getting the bag, etc.)

Note that the M-bag rate is available to other countries as well, but is slightly different, ranging from $3 per lb (Canada) to $6 per lb (Afghanistan). The 11 lb. minimum still applies.
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