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Re: For Sale

Subject: Re: For Sale
by Khamûl on 2013/5/17 13:42:00

Just look at eBay right now: full of stock clearance sellers (who can't answer questions regarding their own stock); "stock image" auctions (what am I buying?); eBay Mobile posted auctions (with one inarticulate lowercase sentence describing what's on offer); inaccurate Nielsen's publishing information, courtesy of eBay (sellers seem to think this rubbish tells me what book they have); standardised eBay auction titling (everything looks the same); nonsense like the new Global Postage Programme (see forum discussion of this here); the increasing prevalence of actual book dealers who cannot describe condition &/or edition status; etc.

Half of the above can also be applied to various other book sites, including reputable "book" selling sites like Abebooks.

Basically, can't see the wood for the trees, I think. The books (that collectors want) are out there --they're just struggling to compete (& be seen) against an incredible amount of poorly listed (eBay), overpriced (Abebooks) auctions.

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