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Re: The Inklings Archives

Subject: Re: The Inklings Archives
by Trotter on 2008/5/21 10:01:23

When I bought this I was asked to keep it a secret, but Nigel has put the secret recording mentioned earlier in these posts on Ebay, which puts it in the public domain.

It is limited to 10 copies (2 must be left) and I thought it was definitely one of the most interesting recordings from The Inklings Archives.

Microphones in Middle-Earth

'Microphones in Middle-Earth', a CD of talks given at Church House, Westminster, in March 1981, on the BBC radio dramatisation of Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings'. Speakers are: Brian Sibley and Michael Bakewell, co-adapters; Penny Leicester, co-producer; Stephen Oliver, composer; David Collings, actor (Legolas), and Peter Woodthorpe, actor (Gollum). The original recording was made by Nigel Sustins, then Manager of Church House Bookshop (on tape, converted to digital format).
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