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Re: Bilbo's Last Song puzzle....anyone know it's worth?

Subject: Re: Bilbo's Last Song puzzle....anyone know it's worth?
by Urulöké on 2008/4/26 21:58:25

Hi Parms,

Checked one of mine, and it has 532 pieces (19x28). Not all of them may be cut the same way (see this International Polygonics Article for some more information.)

For value, it must have all pieces, and all must be in good shape. Also, the box condition is a huge factor. A complete puzzle in nice shape, but in a beat up box, is probably somewhere around $15-25 from what I have seen recently. A mint box with an incomplete puzzle in it is probably somewhere around the same (because someone will want to move their pieces into a nicer box). Both together is a somewhere north of $50 I think, with examples going for much less if you are lucky on eBay, or more if you happen to bid against another interested collector.

These prices probably won't apply in the near future, but I was watching them closely for a while when I was writing that article linked to above.

Hope this helps.
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