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Relationship between Tolkien and his Aunt Neave [Chinese Translation]

Subject: Relationship between Tolkien and his Aunt Neave [Chinese Translation]
by newvery on 2009/3/3 11:30:09

I'm trying to translate Tolkien's essay "On Fairy-stories" into Mandarine. In the "editor's introduction" of this book, the editor mentions that one of Tolkien's letters which is to her aunt Jane Neave.

But, there are four words in Chinese with different meanings but each has the same meaning with "aunt" in English. They mean: 1)mother'sister("Yi"); 2)fater's sister("Gu"); 3)mother's brother's wife("Jiu-ma"); and 4) father's brother's wife("Shen").

So, I'd like to know the "aunt Jane Neave" is which kind of "aunt" of Tolkien. This could help me to translate the essay better and exacter, and eventually makes Chinese people know more about Tolkien and his theory, his achievement and his greatness.

Thanks very much~
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