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Re: English, A Literary Foundation Course

Subject: Re: English, A Literary Foundation Course
by garm on 2010/5/10 12:46:58

I have a copy of this edition of TH: it's actually the fourth edition, Allen & Unwin; printed in 1972. Hammond and Anderson A3k,
ISBN 0 04 823105 3.

Tolkien's facsimile signature is on the title page; the same as on Tree and Leaf etc. Not only did Fowler write the introduction; there's also a whole section of Ideas for Study, on a chapter-by-chapter basis (pp.281-303), including a short piece by Rayner Unwin on the publishing of TH, with a facsimile of 10-year old Rayner's report on The Hobbit. (is this the first time the facsimile sig, and Rayner's report were printed?) Fowler notes that many of the suggestions in this section come from 'English 11/12', by himself and John Dick.

It's actually a very good edition; very well bound in a tough, hard-wearing material. The introduction and the Ideas for Study make this edition stand out.
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