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Re: Dummy SILMARILLION variations...

Subject: Re: Dummy SILMARILLION variations...
by Trotter on 2010/11/1 8:05:08

Anyway, my convoluted point is this. Yes, Clowes were probably physically producing their copies chronologically first (after all, Billing copies are printed by “offset lithography” --from the Clowes pages I always assumed...), but factors like whether the dj is priced, the binding is cloth, top page edges are dyed blue, headbands are present etc --are not necessarily factors that help determine whether a particular copy is a “true” (terminology commonly used) ‘Export’ 1st impression or not. There are many, many variants out there. Although, having said this, if there are any radically variant Billing copies out there --I haven’t seen any.


But there is a difference in printing for the Clowes 1/1st, as discussed quite a lot before, the Billings copies are from the first Clowes printing.

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