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Re: Tolkien's letter to Shippey, April 1970

Subject: Re: Tolkien's letter to Shippey, April 1970
by Morgan on 2011/12/31 2:29:20

As ever - many thanks, Findegil!

Following another clue, I was actually about to order Roots and Branches, since a quote from that collection (provided by geordie on another website) indicates that Shippey makes a reference to the letter there as well. (Not saying that Roots and Branches isn't still on my wishlist!)

As for Arda 1987 (vol. VII): it's not so easy to obtain, and perhaps I should recommend anyone interested to contact Beregond, Anders Stenström to order a copy (I myself bought this and other volumes of the annual Arda from him about two years ago - you won't hardly ever find them on eBay!). Just PM me if you want help to contact Beregond.
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