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Re: Tolkien's letter to Shippey, April 1970

Subject: Re: Tolkien's letter to Shippey, April 1970
by Findegil on 2011/12/30 21:12:18

Shippey also refers to the letter by date in 'Long Evolution: The History of Middle-earth and Its Merits', published in Arda, vol. 7 (1992 for 1987), p. 29. There he says: 'On April 13th 1970 I got a letter from Professor Tolkien.' This suggests that 13 April was the date of receipt, in contrast to 'the letter Professor Tolkien wrote to me on 13 April 1970' which implies a date of writing. Although it's possible that Tolkien wrote and posted the letter, and Tom received it, that same day, it's our sense that Royal Mail in 1970 probably would have taken more than a day to transport a letter from Poole to Birmingham. Hence, from all of this, our queried date ?12 April in Chronology.

Wayne & Christina
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