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Re: Tolkien's letter to Shippey, April 1970

Subject: Re: Tolkien's letter to Shippey, April 1970
by Findegil on 2011/12/31 6:55:57

Roots and Branches is well worth having. Shippey refers to the letter in his paper 'Tolkien and the West Midlands: The Roots of Romance'. There he doesn't give a date for it, other than to say that Tolkien wrote to him after Shippey had addressed a Tolkien conference in Birmingham 'in 1970' - except that the event occurred on 30 November 1969. The paper as it appears in Roots and Branches, however, gives the letter only a passing reference, as merely 'an encouraging letter' (p. 41), compared with the paper as it originally appeared (before being extensively revised for Roots and Branches) in Lembas Extra for 1995. The latter includes not only the words quoted from the letter in the second edition of The Road to Middle-earth, but also further text before and after. (The paper was originally an address at King Edward's School in 1992.)
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