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Re: Help on Saruman and Radagast question

Subject: Re: Help on Saruman and Radagast question
by Jlong on 2012/7/29 9:43:11

Entry for "Maiar" in Tolkien Encyclopedia (written by Jonathan Evans):

The Istari, apparently a special suborder of the
Maiar, are an unspecified number including those
named Olo´ rin, Curunı´r, Aiwendil, Alatar, and Pallando.
These five become the Wizards of Third-Age
Middle-earth. In Valinor, Olo´rin—the wisest among
the Maiar—lived in Lo´rien and went often to house of
Nienna, the Vala of grief and mourning, where he
learned pity and patience. In Middle-earth, Olo´ rin
comes to be known as Gandalf. Likewise, Curunı´r
becomes Saruman, whose interest in forging and artifice,
as well as his eventual affinities with Sauron,
suggests an original association with Aule¨. Aiwendil,
or ‘‘bird-friend,’’ becomes Radagast and seems to
have been a servant of Yavanna. Alatar and Pallando
go to the east but otherwise are not mentioned in the
canon of writing on Middle-earth. Sauron, servant
of Melkor, was originally associated with Aule¨ the
smith, a relationship echoed vestigially in his friendship
with the Elven-smiths of Eregion and his skill as
the artificer of the Rings of Power.