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Tolkien and Williams Lecture timing [Oxford 'official note-taker']

Subject: Tolkien and Williams Lecture timing [Oxford 'official note-taker']
by Urulöké on 2008/2/10 21:18:22

The following question has been posed on the MythSoc mailing list - does it trigger anyone's memories of something you've read?

>First, when discussing the Inklings in her most recent lecture (which
>by the way drew heavily on Diana's book, which she praised by name),
>she told of an occasion when Tolkien and Williams happened to be
>lecturing at the same time and said that Williams drew a huge crowd,
>while the only person to attend Tolkien's lecture was the official
>note-taker. I don't remember ever having heard this story before, nor
>that there is any such thing as an 'official note-taker' at Oxford,
>never mind the fact that it was Tolkien himself who arranged for
>Williams to give lectures and set the schedule. Has anyone else come
>across this incident?
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