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Re: Christopher Tolkien signature

Subject: Re: Christopher Tolkien signature
by Urulöké on 2008/12/21 11:19:16

I wouldn't mind seeing the pic(s) as well! (as a side note, let me know what kind of image upload troubles you had, perhaps there is something I can fix. It may just be that your image was too large relative to the max file size I currently have set, but I can increase that now that spam is more under control).

Back on the authenticity question, I have a copy signed by CT of the US Monsters and Critics that looks identical to yours (given the very low-res scan from eBay) that has excellent provenance. CT was a guest at the Marquette event back in 1987 and signed quite a few items there for people. I would guess yours is perfectly legit with the evidence available.
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