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Re: Signature/Autograph Database?

Subject: Re: Signature/Autograph Database?
by Urulöké on 2008/12/21 12:23:04

Parmastahir said,
Just pondering the matter, I wonder how many things we sign in a lifetime?

Tolkien is probably at the low end of the scale here, he was never "in the limelight" doing mass signings, etc.

Personally, I probably sign less than two dozen things a year, mostly paperwork for my job (I am not the check/cheque writer of the family). Some authors have had "signed limited editions" put out post-mortem where the signatures are actually cut from checks, since they signed so few items when they were alive.

Someone like Alan Lee has probably signed thousands of items per year since the movies came out. Some very popular authors I know have done five hundred book signings in a few hours. So a book tour would produce possibly tens of thousands of signed books in a year.

Circling back to Tolkien, I think it is quite fortuitous that he saved carbon copies of so many letters he wrote - the bulk of the Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien would not have been possible if he hadn't kept those, since the copies that were mailed are likely mostly lost forever.
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