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Re: Tolkien Signed Book

Subject: Re: Tolkien Signed Book
by Beren on 2009/1/29 12:43:41

I don't see any problem what so ever in this signature... it looks very fine to me. It does not all resemble the blue pen autographs that David pulled out; but it made him more cautious I believe... hence the description.

Buying and selling autograpgs is a tricky business and if you want perfect provenance, you will have to pay 'big' bucks. Signatures at this price never come with any provenance... the only thing you can do is have some expert look at it; and even the biggest expert will not give you 100% garantee... Since something can look ugly, and still be genuine, and the opposite is true as well. Tolkien however has some elements in the autograph that are so 'Tolkien' and are hard to fake...

To make a long story short... I believe this to be a fine autograph by Tolkien for not a bad price, seen there is no provenance coming with the book.

Also I believe we have to give David some credit... he was writing about Tolkien and buying / selling Tolkien before most of us started. He is a great dealer and has a no questions asked return policy, perfect handling and years of experience as a bookdealer.