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Re: Ebay Signature & Sketch

Subject: Re: Ebay Signature & Sketch
by Trotter on 2009/7/13 21:27:31

Have a look at this article on the Tolkien Library.


This particular 'signature' has far to many problems even after the main issue which is that you should be very skeptical of any signature that has no provenance.

Here are a few, the dots under the signature are in the wrong place and the final dot after his name is missing. The dots are to signify abbreviation so Tolkien took care to put them in the right place i.e. after his initials (J.R.R.), this 'signature' has a dot after the T of Tolkien.

The flourish under the signature is not his usual style and if you look at it carefully it has gaps in it. Tolkien would have drawn it as one line (no gaps) and finally all the letters are wrong (the J is very bad, the i does not have a dot. There is no gap between the R and the T.

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