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Re: link

Subject: Re: link
by Trotter on 2009/9/27 10:00:23

There is no problem with the fascimile signature in "Tree and Leaf" that you bought, so at least you have one good fascimile signature.

Did you read the article mentioned in the eBay description on the Tolkien Library in particular this section

"Always remember that Tolkien did not autograph many books and most of the authographs can be found on UK editions, seldom they are seen on US editions (allthough there are exceptions). Even the most genuine looking authograph could be a fake in the end, so buying signed books stays a tricky business."


How did it get from the US to the UK and back again for him to sign it? Why would he have signed this copy? I don't see any of these points being addressed in the description of the item on eBay.
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